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Antoine Machado
PRIAMS President


As an independant developer and construction company based in Annecy, Priams is a key player in new property development that specializes in building highly efficient, eco-friendly residential units.

As one of the most experienced players in the field, Priams strives for top quality to give you the peace of mind you expect from your property investment.
The dedicated, skilled professionals at Priams design and build new energy-efficient units that are fully aligned with the tenets of sustainable development and are ready to meet future environmental regulations.

The effective planning employed by Priams has earned it France’s "NF Habitat" and "NF Habitat HQE" environmental certifications,, which give us a great deal of credibility in the industry.
These certifications are seals of approval for you that add value to your estate in writing, as you receive a copy of the certifications along with your apartment keys.

A sense
of excellence

We put the utmost care into selecting your home's location and designing every detail of your unit, crucial factors in the process of ensuring the quality of your new living space.

In addition to the painstaking work that goes into finding the perfect sites, another top priority and distinguishing characteristic of Priams is creating buildings with sophisticated, stunning, and intelligent architecture.

Working closely with our architects and engineers, the staff constantly strives to maximize every unit's layout and space in order to make your home even more inviting.

The same consideration and exacting standards go into every unit's design. No details are overlooked, from how the living spaces are laid out to where the intercom and room thermostat are installed.

Careful thought goes into selecting the services in an endless quest for extreme comfort at the best price. This level of excellence is what sets Priams apart and our clients confirm this every time we complete a new development.

and trustworthy

Priams is an authority in property development with thousands of units already sold, Priams is continually improving quality by updating its solutions, methods, services, and standards.

The entire staff works toward a single goal of satisfying the buyer. They are all experts in their field who have had very successful careers and attend routine trainings to keep up on the latest regulations and techniques. All of this outstanding expertise goes into every project to guarantee your greatest satisfaction. That is yet another noteworthy feature of the Priams brand: you can expect complete peace of mind throughout your first-time buying experience.

Priams is extremely well capitalized with substantial equity, so it gets the best stability, performance, and potential ratings in the industry. As an independent company not affiliated with any financial groups, we are responsive, adaptive, and remarkably well-positioned to make decisions that build a real, lasting, one-on-one dialogue with our contacts.

That means Priams is free to confidently expand by paying for land in cash and originating the biggest and most pioneering projects in the region.
It goes without saying that Priams has a great reputation with all of the regional industry stakeholders, from financial institutions and law firms to architects and businesses. Every one of them knows Priams has ample capacity and a strong drive to honor its commitments and stay true to its values. For the added peace of mind you want, all of our new projects are backed by a "financial guarantee of completion" from reputable financial institutions.

Our founding

Priams believes that the most important part of its relationships with buyers is mutual trust. The company was founded on the values of honoring commitments, guaranteeing the best service and protecting the environment and you will be the first to benefit from them.

Meeting commitments

Because we know how important trust is when it comes to becoming a property owner. Because we can't claim excellence without keeping our promises every step of the way.

High standards and professionalism

To guarantee the best service by striving for excellence. To guarantee the sustainability and value of your estate.

Protecting the environnment

By operating eco-responsible construction sites. By designing homes that are more energy-efficient. By building housing units and developing areas according to the principles of sustainable development.

A certified

For high-quality, environmentally-conscious housing, choose a certified developer, Priams became "NF Habitat" certified in January 2017. (Certification No. : CAN FH 160 016). For its clientele, this is a guarantee of professionalism and implementation of the highest industry standards for quality.

  • Technical quality of the work
  • Quality of the services for buyers
  • Operational quality of construction projets

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PRIAMS' citizen commitment is also played out on another field, this time a sports field. Supporting two leading teams such as US Annecy Rugby (USAR) and Rugby Club Savoie Rumilly (RCSR) is quite natural for a company so demanding in respect of the highest standards. Respect, confidence, commitment and cohesion are values so necessary to great rugby teams, and PRIAMS shares and promotes each and every one. Sponsoring a team of young, motivated and highly deserving sportsmen, and supporting them in their quest for excellence, sharing the permanent challenge of sporting achievement, and reaching with eternal endeavour towards the top of the rankings is a moral duty, which enriches PRIAMS and fuels its constant desire to improve.
In the commercial universe, just as on the rugby pitch, each success is a victory.

PRIAMS is also one of the founding sponsors of the construction and launch of the Espérance III. As an exact replica of the Espérance II, the Espérance III perfectly combines materials of the past, with cutting-edge technologies: 25 tonnes, 18 metres long, and 112 m² of sails.
This wonderful and unique reconstruction project, which began 2 years ago, has enthralled a great many companies and public partners and PRIAMS is delighted to be amongst them.

Priams Agency
Grand Lyon

“Faced with the growing constraints related to finding building plots in our preferred Departments, the Ain and the 2 Savoys, we made the strategic decision to expand our activities as a building & development company into new territories. With its mountain real estate, the Greater Lyon region provides us with excellent opportunities for projects while enabling us to conserve our core business and values,” Thomas Machado, PRIAMS’ Deputy Managing Director, explains.

In fact, an agency has been operating in LYON for several months now. It would be out of the question for PRIAMS to manage this territory diversification strategy from its Annecy “base camp” since our core values dictate that we be near at hand and responsive in order to stand by our commitments.

Being on-site, with partners possessing perfect knowledge of the Lyon area, is essential to building a strong, effective local presence.

Several preliminary sales agreements for plots are already in the process of being signed. This represents a huge success for an independent company that has just entered into an ultra-competitive market with a particularly high concentration of real estate developers.

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Provence Côte d'Azur Agency

Already firmly rooted in the Annecy, Geneva, Greater Lyon areas, not to mention the most luxury ski resorts nestled high in the French Alps, we have chosen to expand into new regions with the opening of an agency in Marseille, to further develop our growth along the Rhône valley reaching as far as the Bouches-du-Rhône at the mouth of the Mediterranean.
The long-term aim of this diversification is to assist PRIAMS in rising to the ranks of one of the best national property developers.

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